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PLOT NO:5 (5 BHK Project completed)
Plot Area - 5.50 cents
Building Area - 2650 sq. ft.

This villa includes a provision of being fully furnished, with 2 Living areas, 5 bath-attached Bedrooms, Kitchen, Work Area, Utility Area, 2 Sit outs, spacious balcony, extra Servant Toilet etc...
1. Foundation :
-              As per design depending upon the soil condition.
 2. Basement work :
-              Footing – 9" thick ; 1m- width
-              Rubble work – 1 m width ; 1.5m height
-              Rubble work – 60cm width ; 45 cm height
-              Belt concrete – 9" thick with (1:2:3)
-              Before concreting, Termicide used
3. Lintel
-              9" thickness ;  Sunshade – 4" thick, Roof 6” thick and beams in the ratio (1:2:3)
4. Steel Work
-              Double layered steel structure work laid with proper laying of cover blocks
5. Walls
-              Semi wire-cut bricks used in the cement ratio (1:5)
6. Carpentry work :
-              All shutters, doors, ventilators and staircase made of Teak wood with Buskey design
-              Frames comprising of Cheruthekku
-              Minimum 6 clamps used for frames affixation
-              Adequate thickened M.S Grills used for windows ( t= 10mm, w = 25mm)
-              All bedrooms provided with Teak-wood Cupboards, Wardrobes, Dressing cupboards and 5 ft. Mirrors comprising pull-outs, louvers basket, locker facility with partitions of 19mm Century plywood of Architect 710 (BWR), showing a good outlook of cornicing and design work
-              5mm tinted brown glass provision for glass panes
-              Top class Brass and SS fixtures of hinges, pull-out telescopic channels (EBCO), window hooks and eye, stays, magnetic catchers, door stoppers, screwing, tower-bolts etc…used
-              Front door having provision for 2 door locks, with the main one being imported (EUROPA)
-              Kitchen door being teak wood with a design of Bosky glass partitioning
-              Study table provision given in 2 bedrooms
-              TV Stand and designed Crockery shelf with inbuilt LED lamps at FF living area
7. Kitchen and W/A :
-              Fully furnished modular kitchen in teak wood finish
-              Design Glass door
-              Butterfly  Automatic Chimney
-              Built-in-Gas Hob (FABER)
-              Complete Pull-out Baskets comprising Cup & Saucer, Thali basket, Plain basket, Corner Dec Trays etc. provided (SLEEK)
-              Centralized Gas inlet provision in Kitchen and W/A
-              Waste water pits laid exterior (2 nos.)
-              Water purifier provision
-              Corporation water along with hot water necessity included
-              Additional exhaust pipe for Chimney provided
-              FRANKE Sinks affixed in kitchen and W/A
-              Diamond Black Counter tops with Ceramic wall tiles
8. Electrical work :
-              Wirings – R.R cables, Finolex (fire protective)
-              Modular switches and plates – Legrand, Arteor
-              TP sockets given in all bedrooms, living areas, hall, kitchen
-              TV sockets given in Hall and living areas
-              LED spot lights provided exterior in FF balcony
-              Foot-lamps are provided at convenient spots in bedrooms to help find your way at night.
-              AC provision with completely insulated copper pipe wirings laid in all bedrooms
-              A class Brass molded Wall Mount Lamps, Tubes, Chandeliers, Gate Lamps, Ceiling Mount Lamps showing a well enlightened work
-              Top brand fans provided in Halls, living area (Yorker Antique Brass) and bedrooms (Birkeneff), including kitchen, W/A, Utility area etc.
9. Plumbing works :
-              Quality PVC, CPVC pipes used
-              Geyser availability via Solar Water Heater provision
-              Exterior Washing Plate Counter laid
-              UG Water Storage availability for 5000 ltrs along with Overhead Water tank storage for 2000 ltrs
-              1 Hp Submersible Pump allowed
-              1.5 Hp Pressure Pump
-              Waste water Disposal Pits provided at the rear location
-              4 chambered Septic Tank provision
10. Sanitary works :
-              RAK Elegance Nox with auto close seat covers
-              Grohe concealed wall cisterns for efficient use of water and to improve the aesthetics
-              RAK u/c Washbasins
-              Jaguar and RAK mixer units, health faucets, flow taps & showers used
-              Jaguar Mixer Sink Cocks used in Hall and Toilets
-              Exterior washing machine provision available (UtilityArea)
11. Painting works :
-              Interior and exterior putty work (BIRLA Wall Care)
-              Interior and exterior premium primer work (DULEX)
-              Interior painting work done with Asian Premium Quality (BASRA PEARL) – 3 coats
-              Exterior painting work done with Ext. Grade Emulsion-DulexAkznobel (EUROPEAN WHITE) – 3 coats
-              Roof slab painted with 2 coats of premium emulsion which is 5 times lighter of interior emulsion – Basra Pearl (5:1)
-              Painting inside of wardrobes and cupboards with synthetic enamel paint two coats over one coat of primer (Berger Lacolide also used for the wall mounted portion)
-              Polishing doors, windows, shutters, ventilators, cupboards, wardrobes, kitchen with PU (Polyurethane Polish)
-              Staining done for all wood work comprising of doors, windows, cupboards etc.
-              Water proofing done for Terrace and sunshades
12. Floorings and Tile work :
-              R.A.K fully vitrified tiles laid 1m x 1m used for halls and living area (SONIC IVORY)
-              60cm x 60 cm used for bedrooms,
-              utility area (SONIC IVORY)
-              (2 x 1) ft. Designer Styler tiles showing a pattern of light shade, motif & dark shade with different colour combos used for all Bathrooms
-              60cm x 60cm used for kitchen and W/A (SIENE WHITE)
-              Concealed Skirting provided with minimum projection
-              Royal Kajaria Wall Tiles used for GF Living area washing counter
-              Designer Wall Tiles used for Dressing Counters in all Bedrooms
-              Ceramic wall tiles used for Kitchen and W/A
-              Cat's-eye Granite used for laying Stairs, Bedroom Dressing counter tops
-              Diamond Black Granite used for laying Kitchen and W/A counter tops (double layered)
-              Natural Wall cladding stones used in GF Sit-out and Car Porch
-              Interlock Tiles laid all around home
13. Glass fabrication work :
-              12mm Toughened and Frosted Pergola provided (2 nos.)
-              10mm Toughened and Frosted Glass doors provided for all Bathrooms (5 nos.) along with Shower Cubicle partitions in 2 bathrooms
-              10mm Etched Glass Parapet provided in FF Balcony area
14. Security Provision :
-              Night vision Surveillance Cameras covering premises
-              Automatic Swing Gates (180 degrees)
-              Video Door Units (Interior and Exterior)
-              Door Sensors given for all elevation as well as rear doors
-              PIR Motion Sensors affixed in GF and FF
15. Beautiful Compound Wall
                Beautiful Compound Wall comprised of Grills showing a mixture of Stuccoing work and paintwork, with Antique Brass Gate Lamps, having accessibility features of Video Door Unit and Auto Biometric Gates
 16. Landscape area provided
17. Exterior Incinerator provision
18. Vaasthu designed with priority